Storage is an essential piece of a physical security solution. Which options you choose will impact your solution in a number of ways, such as:

  • Total Cost of the solution
  • Network Security
  • Where and when you can access footage
  • How long footage will be available

Storage Locations:
Your requirements for storage may vary depending on your needs. These requirements may also change depending on those needs or compliance changes in your industry or state. Cloud solutions allow you the flexibility to meet your storage needs by utilizing a solution that can support on-device, onsite, and cloud storage. YourSix recommends using an on-device SD card and cloud storage, resulting in redundant storage that is accessible even if access to the local device is lost.

The YourSixOS platform allows for the use of three types of storage:

Storage Best Practices

SD Card

Recommended AXIS, Micron
Cloud Recommended

YourSix (AWS)

NAS Optional

AXIS Companion Recorder, AXIS S3008, Synology*

*Full functionality in development

SD Cards: Additional industrial surveillance-rated SD cards are supported; however, health monitoring and other features may be lost.

SD Card Retention
*actual results may vary*

64 GB

2-4 weeks

128 GB

4-8 weeks

256 GB

8-16 weeks

512 GB

16-32 weeks

1 TB

32-64 weeks

Storage numbers are based on a median of typical customer deployments. 

The range is based on the variance between continuous and motion recordings.

Recording Schedules:

Recording continuously 100% of the time may be needed or even required to be compliant; however, this can be costly, make post-event searching difficult, and consume storage very quickly. 

The YourSixOS platform can record continuously or via triggers based on edge-based AI and schedules. YourSix recommends that users (if it complies with mandates or laws in your area) utilize continuous recording on the local SD card and motion recording to the cloud. Below is a list of triggers users can use for recording. 

  • Motion detection: Record when motion is detected 
  • Schedules: Record only during a specified time or day 
  • Object detection: Record when a car or person is detected 
  • Sound detection: Record when sound is detected. 

*Devices can also use other Axis analytics such as AXIS Guard Suite, which detects motion, intrusion, loitering, and other 3rd party ACAPs.

The YourSixOS platform allows for storage to be recorded in multiple locations simultaneously without user intervention. 

Your device can send footage to a local SD card and the cloud simultaneously. Some solutions buffer video on the device for upload to the cloud at a later time or require a user to upload the footage manually. 

Warning: If damage occurs to the device or storage before the manual upload, you have no footage of the incident. Redundant, automatic recording rules, as used with Y6OS, protect users. 

Pro Tip: Use the Y6OS Selecting a Cloud Supplier Guide and Checklist when evaluating PSaaS providers to ensure you avoid this warning.

Please reference Y6OS Bandwidth Consumption for full details.