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Retail PSaaS Solutions

Physical security has long been a critical factor in any retail organization’s operational plan, whether you’re managing quick-serve grocery and big-box stores, boutiques, or even hospitality. Ensuring the customer experience is safe, and the staff and inventory are secure take top priority. Just as importantly, visual intelligence is today’s best practice among the most efficient and cost-effective operations.

For redundant, scalable, and simple security and operational intelligence, YourSix offers the strongest convergence of cloud-based security capabilities available in the market with that drive revenues and secure the future of your retail business in real-time.

Protecting Retail Assets

From the loading dock to the sales floor, you must prevent, deter, and detect shoplifting and theft in real time, while maximizing your customer engagement at every moment.  

  • Reduce investigation time – search and upload recordings of any incident​ 
  • Analyze customer movement and shopping behavior, maximizing revenue 
  • Protect yourself from unwarranted claims 

Perfecting Customer Experiences

In the era of big data, today’s leading retail environments are immersive, personal, and responsive. Generate visual intelligence that increases customer satisfaction through real-time engagement.  

  • Use demographic data to feed digital marketing announcements​ 
  • Influence buying decisions through analytics and in-store audio 
  • Ensure proper staffing by comparing stats across locations and time 

Prioritizing a Safe Environment

Sales floors, lobbies, entrances and exits, parking lots, stock rooms, staff areas – you have a lot of spaces to cover when it comes to ensuring the safety of every person inside of your property. And, you have to monitor these conditions continuously, secure the data, and make it accessible on-demand, from anywhere.  

  • Identify suspicious behavior and take the initiative in real-time​ 
  • Control access to designated areas​ 
  • Use audio and video to send for assistance when aggressive behavior is detected 

We've got your back.

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