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YourSixOS Surveillance

Trust You Can See.

Physical security and visual intelligence begin with surveillance. Because you don’t know what you can’t see, cloud surveillance is the heart of our YourSixOS platform.

Our modern, highly-secure cloud-based solution eliminates your premises-based appliances and provides you new levels of redundancy, scalability, and cybersecurity. Rapid deployment offers a superior experience to traditional firewall manipulation and port forwarding. And, with the YourSix team watching your back, you’ll see why we’re the most trusted PSaaS innovator on the market.

Why YourSixOS Cloud Surveillance?

Eliminate on-site hardware through 100% cloud-managed platform
Remove single point of failure through in-device storage paired with redundant cloud storage
Manage everything from a single pane of glass
Access from anywhere via Android and iOS mobile apps
Leverage advanced analytics via on-device edge computing
Guarding your data with modern cybersecurity protocols

Scale to meet your demand, not your plan.

YourSix operates a hyper-scale cloud infrastructure with unlimited scale on-demand. This means you can scale storage retention policies when an incident occurs and ensure you never lose a moment of evidence. We manage customer accounts as small as a single device and as large as enterprise clients with thousands of cameras across hundreds of locations. No matter your size, our pure-cloud platform ensures you can scale to meet your needs in the moment, without expensive upgrades to bridges, proxies and appliances.

Location means nothing. Finally.

If you’re responsible for security across multiple locations, you probably know the pain of legacy systems that require your physical presence on-site to review footage. YourSixOS’ single pain of glass management console frees you from the limits of location and allows you to quickly navigate between cameras across every location in your system, on-demand. And, with role-based, enterprise permission management, you can ensure that the right people see the right cameras and nothing more, all without per-user fees.

Do everything with less bandwidth consumption.

Built with open protocols whenever possible, YourSixOS does still leverage proprietary algorithms where it matters most: dynamic video compression without quality loss. Beginning with intelligent storage algorithms and dynamic incident triggers, we capture the recordings that matter based on your parameters, without wasting capacity on empty footage. Our flexible storage also permits variations in frame rate and resolution levels between what’s store on-camera and in the cloud, further reducing bandwidth demands. Every recording is available to you on-demand in the cloud from anywhere, ensuring you can export ultra-high-definition footage from the device or stream to the cloud with a lower stream profile. Either way, bandwidth consumption will no longer be a limiting factor in your security workflows.

Cybersecurity has real-world implications.

Our approach to physical security is cybersecurity-focused. Unlike traditional on-premise solutions that require you to expose your network to the public internet for remote camera access, YourSixOS leverages cloud cybersecurity enhancements for simple and secure connections. No port-forwarding. No NAT policies. No complex firewall rules. The cloud provides each device with a security certificate. Then the YourSixOS platform encrypts your data in transit and at rest in the cloud, ensuring you can focus on what’s happening on your cameras more than on your network.

Strengthening Cybersecurity: Our YourSix Direct-to-Cloud Enhancements

  • SSO & 2 Factor Authentication
  • Modern Ciphers
  • Automated security patching from the cloud to every device
  • Auto Device-Hardening
  • Hardened Root User and Password
  • Support for signed firmware, secure boot, and TPM key storage
  • Brute-Force Detection
  • Suspicious IP Throttling
  • Breached Password Protection

Know your device status no matter what’s happening.

It’s critical for you to know the status of every camera in your system. Unlike legacy premises-based systems that require manual intervention when devices go offline, the YourSixOS platform’s cloud VMS retains internet connectivity and sends proactive health notifications when cameras or entire sites go offline. We even monitor the local/edge storage inside of each camera for you, giving you peace of mind that you truly know the status of your system at any given moment.

Innovation is never done. And neither are we.

Every device in our cloud environment receives full patch management. Our automation tools manage tens of thousands of devices daily, ensuring your equipment is operating at its peak capability. And, we’re constantly developing new innovations, features, and capabilities that are easily pushed to your cloud deployment, ensuring your entire solution is leveraging the latest and greatest technology the security industry has to offer. Because we handle the stability fixes, cybersecurity patching, and new feature deployment for you, your IT team can turn their attention to driving your own innovations instead.