Transportation PSaaS Solutions

Whether you’re managing depots, stations, and rail yards or responsible for fleets of vehicles and infrastructure, protecting your assets, passengers, loadouts, and staff is just the baseline. You also need to understand timelines, continue to improve services, and maximize the efficiency of your team. 

The YourSixOS pure cloud solution supports Public Transportation as a redundant, scalable, secure, and simple-to-use platform. With remote monitoring from anywhere, integration with a wide range of sensors and access control components, and robust analytics, YourSix has your back wherever your business takes you. 

Prioritizing Security

With so many moving parts (and people) in your business, you can’t be everywhere at once. But with YourSix, you can see everything – anytime, from anywhere.  

  • Deploy continuous monitoring for every viewpoint from one dashboard
  • Control access to designated areas
  • Detect and deter aggressive behavior with automated video and audio alerts

Protecting Assets

You’re responsible for the people and assets in your system. Whether that’s passengers or cargo, you need to be able to not only see what’s happening at all times but prove it after the fact as well.  

  • Detect, deter, and prevent vandalism in real-time 
  • Protect carriers from unwarranted liability claims 
  • Establish chain of custody with easy-to-retrieve, redundant footage 

Optimizing Experiences

Today, you have to deliver more than just a safe experience. Riders have increasingly high expectations for comfort, speed, and ease of service in their transportation choices. And, it takes visual intelligence to see where you can introduce those improvements.  

  • Optimize routes based on traffic conditions 
  • Ensure a safe and welcoming environment in motion and at stops 
  • Increase routes based on volume of riders

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