Agriculture PSaaS Solutions

It takes more than sunshine, seeds, and rain to manage a successful modern farm. You need to secure your products across their lifecycle, from field to storage to transit. You need to see what’s happening across your property to maintain compliance and maximize production. And, you need data to make decisions.

The YourSixOS pure cloud solution provides agricultural operations with a simple, scalable, secure, and redundant visual intelligence platform. With remote monitoring from anywhere, integration with a wide range of sensors and access control components, and robust analytics, YourSix has your back however you grow your business.

Deploying Security Anywhere

Your security requires more than a lock on the door and a camera at the entrance. As a modern agricultural producer, you need seamless, enterprise-class security that can be deployed anywhere. With solar-power and LTE or satellite-based connectivity, YourSix solutions “beat the box” by eliminating servers. 

  • Deploy continuous monitoring for every view from one dashboard  
  • Access cloud-based footage and analytics from anywhere, instantly 
  • Track your products’ journey from remote field locations to secure storage to retail facilities

Prioritizing Safety

No matter the size of your agricultural operation, you’re responsible for the safety of your team and the quality of your product. The YourSixOS platform equips you to prevent incidents, manage liability, and create a safer environment for everyone. 

  • Lower injury rates with sound and video triggered alerts 
  • Provide post-incident analysis with visual intelligence 
  • Monitor every part of your operation, in real-time, from anywhere 

Managing Compliance

Ensuring regulatory compliance, navigating inspections, and managing quality assurance is essential to the success of today’s agricultural operations. Every state in the US provides unique, strict, legal guidance for the different types of facilities operating in their jurisdiction.  

  • Ensure seamless audits with YourSix’s guidance 
  • Generate historical tracking of the clean and secure handling of product 
  • Provide peace of mind to your customers 

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