YourSixOS Access Control

Better physical security starts with smarter access control.

Physical security is about protecting your assets: your people, your goods, your proprietary information, even your customer experience. The heart of that mission is access control. And, a cloud-based solution like YourSixOS offers tremendous advantages in how you manage your facilities. By eliminating the cost and complexity of premises-based access control servers, you’ll leverage cloud automation to streamline maintenance, upgrades, and backups.

Access control is at its best when it’s nearly invisible. Rather than sticking out as a hurdle for your team to navigate, YourSixOS creates operational efficiencies that will free your team from the burden of traditional on-premises systems. You’ll have a single pane of glass that provides secure, remote management from anywhere. You’ll be able to manage all staff, across all facilities, and all entry points. Ultimately, you’ll make changes to access policies more accurately with less risk of oversight, add and remove users seamlessly, and have the confidence that cloud-based controls drive operational gains.

Why YourSixOS Access Control?

Eliminate on-site hardware through 100% cloud-managed platform
Manage policies for every location from a single pane of glass
Access from anywhere via Android and iOS mobile apps
Leverage advanced analytics via on-device edge computing
Administer enterprise-class controls with dual-factor authentication
Verify identities with intelligent triggers between door controller and camera