Cloud FAQ

What advantages does your platform offer via the cloud?

This is a long answer as there are many benefits to leveraging The Cloud. To answer the question without getting into specific features see below, but, to see all features cloud offers, please navigate to the solutions pages. We are going to focus on the core problems that traditional on-premise solutions present and how YourSix set out to solve those problems by offering a pure cloud solution.

Secure remote access. YourSix enables organizations to be able to manage all of their security solutions from anywhere in the world in a secure manner. Management functions range from viewing live or recorded surveillance footage, to changing camera lighting parameters, managing analytics, updating device passwords, etc. We utilize advanced encryption and eliminate firewall holes.

Automated Device Management. Not only is Y6OS patching the cloud with new features and security updates but we take it further by patching every end-point/device that we bring into the cloud.

What does the cloud environment look like? How robust is the YourSixOS cloud?

We pride ourselves on being the most redundant cloud-based physical security provider in the world. The YourSixOS platform is active across 7 nodes in North America to provide clients with as much uptime as is possible.

What comes with a cloud subscription license?

Secure remote access, automated device management, a cloud-based VMS or access control interface, and technical support. On the video surveillance platform, the cloud VMS references video footage stored locally inside of each camera or on a NAS appliance. Cloud storage is optional and the timeline can play both local recordings and cloud recordings.

What options can I add to a base cloud license?

Cloud-based surveillance evidence storage, video monitoring services, and more!

Is the cloud a fit for my organization?

We answer this question with a question. Does your organization want to ensure your system is always working? Not just as a whole, but each individual component. If the answer is yes, the cloud is a fit. Time is valuable and our cloud solutions ensure that every security device connected to the cloud is healthy and working. Manually monitoring system health is time-consuming for our integration partners and our cloud platform allows them to offer that service while alleviating the burden.

How is the YourSixOS platform different from other “cloud solutions”?

To be frank, we do not consider most of the other platforms that are out to be truly cloud solutions. Most of them have some kind of box that has to be on-site and if that box fails for any reason the whole solution comes crumbling down. We believe in the isolation of risk and have built our cloud solutions around that. We do not require a proxy, NVR or bridge device that all devices must stream through. If we are streaming to the cloud and locally on premise; the internet can go down and we have local survivability on site. Vice-versa, if local storage is impacted for any reason the cloud still works and stores footage. We do not have a single point of failure caused by a local appliance being mandatory. We also eliminate the expense of heating an appliance, cooling an appliance, managing and patching an appliance, and etc.

Why should my security integration company partner with YourSix?

YourSix is a service provider of next-gen security solutions driven by the cloud. Our technology platforms allow partners to bring clients state-of-the-art solutions that are fast and simple to deploy, follow stringent standards for cybersecurity, and automatically maintain security as a service to drive value for clients. Security integration firms drive recurring revenue without having to pay technicians to manually monitor and patch systems. The cloud does it all automatically via secure methods. YourSix also partners with integration experts across North America who place the utmost emphasis on quality and can often bring referral business to our security integration partners.

Why should my technology consulting company partner with YourSix?

YourSix understands IT and focuses our solutions on allowing MSPs, consultants, and technology brokers to bring their clients cloud-based physical security solutions that are cyber-secure and fully managed without having to dedicate training staff on physical security industry best practices. Partners often leverage our international partner network for installation projects.


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