YourSixOS Audio

Audio brings physical security to life.

Cloud-based audio capabilities are a core component of your proactive security measures. Smart speakers can stream music or white-noise through a facility, while smart cameras and access control systems can signal speakers to produce a security response instantly when needed. Leveraging an integrated, cloud-based smart audio solution as part of your overall security platform provides a lower total cost of ownership and advanced integrations you won’t find in another system.

Audio can stop crimes in progress.

Proactive security is much more than just surveillance and access control. Empowering your video monitoring agents to “talk down” through cloud-connected smart speakers is a powerful deterrent to crimes in progress. IP speakers installed near smart cameras can trigger a response in real-time and provide a strategic advantage in capturing facial imaging, as the loud audio talk-down from a live security operator inevitably causes a suspect to look in the direction of the audio source.

Why YourSixOS Audio?

Integrate audio directly into cameras with recorded messaging on detection
Stream music or white-noise via smart speakers
Manage policies for every location from a single pane of glass
Respond to incidents with recorded or live Talk Down messaging
Engage situations in real time either onsite or from 3rd party video monitoring centers
Warn customers/employees of an active shooter or violent event