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Cannabis PSaaS Solutions

Recreational and medicinal cannabis present complex challenges for physical security. And, regulatory compliance is nonnegotiable. From securing farms and transit to safeguarding retail environments and financial assets, your business REQUIRES physical security solutions.

YourSix understands these complexities. Our expert staff are deeply involved in the evolving state laws and local regulations to ensure our solution is ready to execute at all times amidst the rapidly evolving dynamics of your market.

Targeting Cannabis Solutions

From farm and prep areas to transit and dispensary surveillance, YourSix provides physical security and visual intelligence to secure and optimize your cannabis operation.  

  • Proactive alarm and full integrated video monitoring service options​ 
  • Unlimited devices, users, and locations in a single cloud platform
  • Ensure maximum up-time and secure, reliable access for authorities 

Protecting Cannabis Assets

To deliver the kind of next-gen, proactive security and visual intelligence the cannabis industry of tomorrow will require, YourSix turned to deep analytics driven by smart AI systems.  

  • Automated firmware updates and cloud enhancements for max uptime​ 
  • Fully integrated surveillance, access control, audio, and alarm services​ 
  • Full data encryption while in transit and at rest 

Advising the Cannabis Industry

We’re more than just rent-a-cop security. We’re a holistic Physical Security as a Service platform that connects you to deeper resources and a broader understanding of your organizational risk, exposure, and opportunity. Our team is skilled in coaching you through everything from compliance to process optimization, and our capabilities reflect our consultative approach.  

  • Flexible video subscriptions for any duration of retention​ 
  • Redundant video storage: in each camera, centrally on-premise, and in the cloud​ 
  • Control access to designated areas and retain detailed logs 

We've got your back.

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