Your security determines your future.

Our technology secures your future.

As an award-winning Physical Security as a Service (PSaaS) provider, YourSix combines all aspects of physical security delivered as a service by a single trusted security partner. Our cloud-native Y6OS platform empowers the seamless convergence of video surveillance, access control, audio technologies, sensors, AI and video monitoring. We equip you to more intelligently safeguard your most important assets, eliminate blind spots, and leverage visual intelligence in operational success. 

Pure Cloud PSaaS – no box, no lock-in. We’ve got your back.



Cloud surveillance is the heart of our Y6OS platform. Our modern, highly secure cloud-based solution provides customers with new levels of redundancy, scalability, and cybersecurity while eliminating premises-based appliances.

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Access Control

Physical security is about protecting your assets: your people, your goods, your proprietary information, even your customer experience. The heart of that mission is access control. And, a cloud-based solution like YourSixOS offers tremendous advantages in how you manage your facilities.  

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Security is more than visual. Leveraging cloud-based smart audio solutions as part of the overall security platform provides a proactive solution to security. Smart speakers can stream music or when paired with smart cameras can produce a security response instantly or allow for live talkdowns to deter crimes in progress.

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Smart sensors can provide powerful detection capabilities that supplement customers’ visual intelligence and security. Sensors, when paired with cameras and audio devices, complete a 360-degree physical security solution.

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Artificial Intelligence

The future of physical security is in the cloud, not just because of bandwidth management or better system management. Powerful fog computing on edge devices provides deep learning and exponentially greater capabilities at the point of application. Leveraging AI allows the Y6OS platform to lower false alarms, create automated responses, and detect anomalous behavior.

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Professional Monitoring

After the doors are locked, staff have left for the day or night, and facilities are quiet, who’s watching your business? The YourSixOS platform enables nationally certified monitoring centers to verify alarm triggers with actionable HD video and intervene via two-way audio to deter a crime in progress.

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