Bandwidth Consumption

The Issue:
Bandwidth is a hot commodity. Every size business utilizes applications that consume bandwidth. Your physical security system is vitally important, but so are all your business applications. How do you maintain security coverage without choking your network’s bandwidth?

The Solution:
The YourSixOS platform paired with Axis Communications devices can significantly reduce your physical security systems bandwidth requirements. Utilizing intelligent storage options and Axis Zipstream will result in the lowest bandwidth consumption on the market while maintaining excellent footage.

Intelligent Storage:
The YourSixOS platform allows you to choose how you want to store footage. We enable you to record motion, continuous, or mix and match with continuous recording in one location and only motion in another. Utilizing intelligent storage methods, Y6OS drastically reduces bandwidth by only recording motion when a human is detected. Y6OS intelligent storage reduces false motion recordings such as trees swaying in the wind.

Axis Zipstream:
Axis Zipstream technology preserves all the important forensic detail you need while lowering bandwidth and storage requirements by an average of 50% or more.

Bandwidth Details:

Bandwidth Consumption (HD)

No Motion Present

10-20 Kbps

Indoor with Motion Present

250-300 Kbps

Outdoor with Motion Present

400-500 Kbps

*Consumption numbers are an average based on typical customer deployments. Actual results can vary depending on multiple factors.

Estimating Consumption:
On average, our customers see motion present on 30 to 40% of their cameras at peak traffic times. Utilizing this data you, can estimate your peak bandwidth consumption.

  • (# of indoor Cameras x 0.4) x 300 Kbps = Bandwidth Consumption
  • (# of Outdoor Cameras x 0.4) x 500 Kbps = Bandwidth Consumption

Bandwidth Consumption Example:

25 Indoor Cameras

(25 x 0.4) x 300 Kbps = 3,000 Kbps peak consumption
10 Outdoor Cameras

(10 x 0.4) x 500 Kbps = 2,000 Kbps peak consumption


Pro Tip: Use the Y6OS Selecting a Cloud Supplier Guide and Checklist when evaluating PSaaS providers.