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Construction PSaaS Solutions

From materials and equipment to workers and client visits, your construction job site has many moving pieces that must be protected. Even when the site is empty in the dead of night, you still need around-the-clock monitoring to prevent costly delays and missing assets. You need a security solution that’s the right tool for the job.

The YourSixOS pure cloud solution provides the support your construction team needs to ensure safety and security without slowing down the true job at hand. Our simple, scalable, secure, and redundant visual intelligence platform equips you with remote monitoring from anywhere, convenient access control, and robust analytics.

Ruggedized Asset Protection

Traditional servers and NVRs simply aren’t built for the tough environment of your job site. You need a reliable and effective solution designed for whatever conditions you’re facing, day in and day out.

  • Deploy continuous monitoring to protect high-value assets
  • Store security footage safely in the cloud for remote access from anywhere
  • Customize protection to suit your specific job site with Y6OS

Deploying Security Anywhere

You probably need security on location before you even have power, much less internet connectivity to the site. YourSix’s seamless, enterprise-class solution deploys anywhere you need it from day one. With solar-power and LTE or satellite-based connectivity, we beat the box with a true cloud solution.

  • Review multiple job sites remotely from a single dashboard
  • Equip leadership to check on their projects anytime, from anywhere
  • Eliminate servers and costly infrastructure setup

Prioritizing Safety

Construction sites are inherently risky places to work. Between the equipment, the materials, and the tasks your team executes daily, safety has to be a top priority for every team member at every moment. YourSix equips you to prevent more accidents before they happen, quickly resolve the unavoidable, and be better prepared tomorrow.

  • Lower injury incident rates using sound and video triggered alerts
  • Provide post-incident analysis and review
  • Designate authorized staff access to critical areas

We've got your back.

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