YourSixOS AI

Smart devices create smart responses.

The future of physical security is in the cloud, not just because of bandwidth management or better system management. Powerful fog computing on edge devices provides deep learning and exponentially greater capabilities at the point of application. Because your smart devices (like cameras, speakers, and access control points) are designed for edge compute, your ability to lower false alarms, create automated responses, and drive better anomalous behavioral detection, you will see more, know more, and be better equipped to respond.

Why YourSixOS AI?

Orchestrate edge devices with cloud platform through fog computing
Lower bandwidth at the edge by only sending metadata across the network
Reduce false alarms with intelligent machine learning
Create intelligent recording parameters around human detection
Respond to anomalous behavior detection with notifications, talk-downs, PTZ presets, and recordings
Leverage automation to streamline routine system management from a single dashboard