YourSixOS Professional Monitoring

Who’s got your back?

You’ve implemented a robust, well-designed cloud surveillance solution. You’re prepared to respond to any incident with theft-proof forensic evidence. You’re even prepared to generate live incident responses while awaiting law enforcement. But, after the doors are locked, staff have left for the day or night, and your facilities are quiet, who’s watching your business? Traditional security panels deliver debatable alarm accuracy, and false alarms are costly. Our ability to connect you to a network of highly-trained central station agents answers these questions. Working with nationally-certified monitoring services, you can verify alarm triggers with actionable HD video and intervene via two-way audio to deter a crime in progress. And, you can rest easier knowing we’ve got your back.

Next-gen security uses every asset.

As smarter security capabilities continue to evolve, video and audio analytics are becoming a powerful intelligence tool. Next-generation security analytics are accurate and effective when coupled with professional monitoring. Using loitering detection, zone crossing, intrusion detection and other key video analytics, YourSixOS leverages analytics to create intelligent detection for alarm triggering directly to our central station monitoring agents and push notifications to you.  

Why YourSixOS Professional Monitoring?

Limit false alarms with outsourced monitoring you can afford
Leverage our central station agents to verify alarm triggers via actionable HD video
Receive immediate, secure push notifications for an incident
Utilize intelligent detection analytics for trigging alarms to the central station
Implement immediate deterrence measures like two-way audio any time of day or night
Ensure peace of mind when facilities are empty

Take the crisis out of an alarm incident.

What’s your plan for responding at 2am? Many municipalities require alarm verification before dispatching law enforcement. Even those cities that don’t require it give priority to verified calls, attempting to generate higher arrest rates and reduce crime. Without video monitoring, generating a response to an alarm incident can be stressful and time-consuming. Our national network of video monitoring services send an immediate secure push notification to highly trained employees who use video to verify alarm events and then make an educated decision on how to respond, taking the burden off of you and extending the reach of your cloud security platform.

Event Monitoring: Alarm panel, motion detection, or access control system triggers video verification. 

Virtual Guard Tours: Operators monitor video on set intervals or at set times. 

Virtual Escorts: Operators monitor video while employees come or go. 

Virtual Gatekeeper: Operators answer videophone and can remotely open gates and doors.