Device & Firmware Support

YourSix is committed to offering our customers secure solutions that meet their needs. As such, our extensive criteria currently support AXIS Communications devices within the YourSixOS platform. AXIS Communications is one of the industry-leading physical security companies in the world, with a comprehensive list of physical security offerings, including cameras, access control, analytics, and audio solutions.


Firmware is a vitally important aspect of any hardware device and allows users to interact, control, and manage that device. Keeping a device’s firmware updated ensures your experience meets performance expectations and that the device is secure from evolving cyber threats.

AXIS Firmware Tracks

Axis offers two separate tracks of firmware management, the active track (Not Supported by Y6) and the LTS track. The Long-Term Support (LTS) track is designed for customers who prefer to update their products while keeping the product well integrated with third-party equipment or software. Some brand-new models do not offer LTS firmware, so YourSix recommends using the latest active track firmware, excluding known issues in the table below.

YourSix Device Supported Firmware

For a device to be added to the YourSixOS platform, the device must meet the below requirements. YourSix recommends users update the device’s firmware to the latest version of the LTS (Long-Term Support) track to ensure the user’s device meets the minimum requirements and to ensure your device is secure.

AXIS Cameras AXIS Firmware Track Firmware Supported
Supported LTS (long-term support) LTS 2022 (10.12 or newer)
LTS 2020 (9.80 or newer)
LTS 2018 (8.40 or newer)
LTS 2016 (6.50.10 or newer)
Not Supported Active Track