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Banking & Finance PSaaS Solutions

Everyone knows banks need physical security. More than just protecting the financial asset holdings present within the vault or ATM, you need to ensure your staff and customers are safe from threats as they conduct business.

For a fully integrated security and operational intelligence setup, YourSix offers the strongest convergence of cloud-based security capabilities available in the market, with cameras, access control, speakers, and analytics that generate visual intelligence and secure the premises of your financial business in real-time.

Minimizing Vulnerabilities

Bring every branch and office under one centralized platform to provide consistent expectations of security 24/7/365.

  • Detect movement in restricted areas
  • Generate real-time alerts for suspicious behavior
  • Trigger talk down announcements to deter crime in progress

Managing Daily Experiences

Crime doesn’t rest. And, neither does YourSix’s seamless cloud-based platform. From instantaneous cloud uploads to automated behind-the-scenes updates, our always-on system eases your IT management burden without sacrificing security, all while providing actionable visual intelligence.

  • Manage multiple locations from a single interface on any device​
  • Reduce system audits with built-in Health Monitoring alerts
  • Reduce wait times and optimize your workforce with visual intelligence analytics

Prioritizing a Safe Environment

From entrances and exits to lobbies, ATMs, and drive-thrus – you have a lot of angles to cover across your property. And, you have to monitor these spaces around the clock to ensure the safety of everyone on your property, even after hours.

  • Leverage high-definition cameras with proactive monitoring to dispatch law enforcement the moment aggression is detected
  • Fast track investigations with the ability to search, upload and share recordings from anywhere
  • Track and manage access to designated restricted areas seamlessly

We've got your back.

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