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Healthcare PSaaS Solutions

As a healthcare provider, you understand the importance of monitoring conditions, tracking data, and documenting everything that happens. And, with patient care increasingly driven by technology, you know how important AI and machine learning are to driving positive outcomes and improving patient experiences.

The YourSixOS pure cloud solution provides the technological tools your staff needs to ensure safety and security without distracting you from your number one goal – patient care. Our simple, scalable, secure, and redundant visual intelligence platform equips you with remote monitoring from anywhere, convenient access control to designated areas, and robust analytics to drive insights and performance.

Reliable Privacy

You know the importance of protecting your patients’ rights. Second only to their safety, guarding their privacy is critical to your role as a caring provider. We understand the nuances of protecting the most vulnerable without sacrificing their dignity by leveraging direct recording to on-board storage, local storage, and the cloud.

  • Monitor patient safety without compromising privacy
  • Encrypt all traffic in transit and at rest
  • Deploy remote monitoring across every facility from a single platform

Improving Patient Care

Whether you need instant patient monitoring for specific situations or advanced analytics to track health trends across your entire system, the YourSix true cloud platform has the technology to advance the level of care available at your healthcare facilities.

  • Monitor patients remotely from any nursing station
  • Integrate two-way communication between patients and staff from anywhere
  • Alert nurses to potential issues remotely via cough detection and other audio sensors

Prioritizing Safe Environments

Healthcare facilities can easily become targets for theft, violence, and other stressful incidents. Leveraging the YourSix integrations across the spectrum of security will equip your staff to defuse situations before they become problems and keep valuable supplies where they belong.

  • Identify suspicious behavior like drug/supply theft instantly
  • Control access to designated areas
  • Alert staff to aggressive behavior with sound/visual triggers

We've got your back.

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