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Fitness & Gyms PSaaS Solutions

Getting in shape, maintaining health, and chasing gains come with risks. Your job is to create a safe and secure environment where your customers can focus without worrying about accidents or incidents. And, your equipment represents a heavy investment in your clients’ well-being. Beefing up your security solution doesn’t have to cut into your productivity or profitability when it’s part of a balanced approach.

The YourSixOS pure cloud solution provides the support your staff needs to ensure safety and security without missing a rep on the floor. Our simple, scalable, secure, and redundant visual intelligence platform equips you with remote monitoring from anywhere, convenient access control to designated areas, and robust analytics to drive insights and performance.

Improved Customer Experience

Today’s gyms are about more than just the equipment available. They’re an experience…a lifestyle accessory your clients use to measure themselves against their peers. Increasing their status won’t happen by accident. You need real-time insights and responsive capabilities.

  • Leverage demographic data to feed digital signage and announcements
  • Ensure proper staffing with statistical data across locations and times
  • Integrate digital audio to provide improved ambiance and clearer announcements

Fostering Safe Environments

Whether it’s a crime deterrent or an accident investigation tool, remote monitoring with cloud storage is your strongest tool in maximizing the safety of your staff and clients. It even helps you track customer movements, analyze the data, and leverage AI to turn customer behavior into more revenue.

  • Prevent and detect break-ins, thefts, and violent crime
  • Avoid false slip and fall accident litigation
  • Reduce investigation time with searchable recordings of any incident

Provide Intelligent Value

Security is more than crime deterrence. Visual intelligence can also help you minimize losses and maximize revenue. YourSix’s intelligent, true cloud platform leverages machine learning and AI to create powerful insights into your business.

  • Monitor all areas continuously, from entrances to floors to parking
  • Detect tailgating during after-hours access
  • Identify aggressive behavior with sound/visual triggers and alerts

We've got your back.

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