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Education PSaaS Solutions

In today’s era of heightened concern over the safety of students and faculty, it’s imperative that every school address physical security. Whether you’re a small private school or a large collegiate campus or anything in between, you REQUIRE solutions that ensure accountability, reliability, and visibility.

The YourSixOS pure cloud solution addresses the complexities of an educational campus with modern technology. By converging cameras, access control, audio, speakers, sensors, and AI-powered analytics into a single, scalable environment, we actively foster safer educational environments that work for you and your students. And, the visual intelligence we generate leads to more efficient operational and educational outcomes – a win for every community.

Leveraging AI and Analytics

In any disruptive event on your campus, the ability to proactively identify and disrupt potential threats will speed your response times. YourSix’s physical security and visual intelligence capabilities are powered by smart technology that detects aggression and escalating conflicts before you have a problem.

  • Crowd detection analytics identify gathering crowds​
  • Gunshot and aggression detection automatically streams video to alarm dispatch centers​
  • All analytics can trigger smart speakers to play an audible deterrent

Fueling Innovation Through Open Technology

As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, it becomes increasingly difficult for schools to justify funding solutions that risk vendor lock-in. YourSix is dedicated to open technology and standards-based devices to save you from this dangerous financial pitfall.

  • One-touch lockdown on access control systems stops or slows intruders​
  • Door stations and intercoms can be integrated with campus phones​
  • Smart speakers can integrate into bell systems and other A/V platforms​

Driving Simplicity through the Cloud

In a time where cloud first solutions offer tremendous advantage, YourSix is a pioneer in the physical security space. Our PSaaS pure cloud platform eliminates server management and enables powerful automation, ultimately freeing your team from IT maintenance and restoring their time to meaningful engagement.

  • Convenient web and mobile applications provide access from any device​
  • Advanced permissions allow only the right access from authorized staff​
  • Single pane of glass eliminates reliance on VPN for multi-site viewing

We've got your back.

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