Manufacturing PSaaS Solutions

Your employees and your reputation are your greatest assets. You can’t afford to risk either. And, you can’t afford to ignore opportunities for improvement in them either.

The YourSixOS pure cloud platform empowers you to watch over your employees and inventory while generating visual intelligence that drives innovation, optimization, and quality assurance. Because we are scalable, redundant, and secure, YourSix simply protects what you value most in real-time, from anywhere, without disrupting your processes.

Maximizing Inventory Management

From the loading dock through your manufacturing processes, tracking materials on their journey through your processes gives you the knowledge to improve workflows, eliminate bottlenecks, and mitigate loss.

  • Ensure supply quantities are adequately stocked in every location
  • Detect and deter employee theft with proactive alerts
  • Leverage visual analytics to improve quality control

Improving Daily Operations

Manufacturing is as much about efficiency as it is quality, safety, and security. If you can’t see into your daily workflow, how can you improve any of these factors? With YourSixOS, you’ll gain visual intelligence that streamlines operations and drives positive outcomes.

  • Optimize picking processes by visually monitoring patterns and routes​
  • Improve location accuracy to reduce labor and equipment costs
  • Monitor loading processes to maximize dock-door scheduling

Prioritizing a Safe Environment

Your manufacturing facility is full of inherent hazards and potential risks to personnel and inventory. Leveraging a robust monitoring system that can alert you from anywhere, document incidents, and provide visual intelligence is critical as a first-line of defense and for navigating insurance settlements.

  • Lower injury incident rates with video-triggered alerts and audio talkdown
  • Limit access to designated areas to only authorized personnel
  • Provide quick, post-incident analysis with visual analytics

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