Founded by veterans. Fueled by visionaries. Fixated on your security.

As an award-winning Physical Security as a Service (PSaaS) provider, YourSix combines all aspects of physical security delivered as a service by a single trusted security partner. Our cloud-native Y6OS platform empowers the seamless convergence of video surveillance, access control, audio technologies and video monitoring. We equip you to more intelligently safeguard your most important assets, eliminate blind spots, and leverage visual intelligence in operational success. And, we’ve got your back.


Our Mission

Help secure assets and provide mission critical analytics for organizations around the globe. 

Our Vision

Transform the way physical security is delivered and utilized. 

Our Values

  1. Innovation: pioneers in our industry
  2. People Focused: people serving people
  3. Passion: make hard work fun
  4. Simplicity: make it easy
  5. Integrity: do what is right
  6. Community: social responsibility

A Difference You Can See

We’re much more than a software platform. We’re a service. It’s in our core DNA. You’ll see it when you realize we’re not selling you a product off the shelf; we want to understand what you need and deliver results you can trust. You’ll see it when your overtasked IT team tells you that we actually make their lives easier. And, you’ll see it when you implement strategic innovations based on visual intelligence you wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else.   

A Mission You Can Believe

“We’ve got your back,” is more than just a slogan. It’s a belief system. It’s the time and energy we invest into building the industry’s most trusted physical security platform. It’s the real desire across our entire team to keep your business safe. And it’s our commitment to equip you with the business intelligence you need most. 

As an educational institution with multiple locations, we needed a global, scalable, secure solution to ensure the safety of our students and faculty. By partnering with YourSix, we deployed 700 cameras at 50 schools with ease within three months – only a true cloud physical security solution made this goal a reality.

Eric Schmidt, Vice President, Information Technology, School of Rock

How refreshing to have a vendor listen to a customer’s needs and change product offerings to meet those needs. It seems a simple and obvious thing but with all the battleship vendors out there, making nimble decisions can be impossible, and it’s just easier for them to say, “sorry, not on the roadmap right now.” Hats off to YourSix!

Gary Murray, National Account Manager, Comtel Group

A Brand Born out of History

Whether you’re into 1970s war movies or the latest police drama series, you’ve probably heard the phrase “Watch your six.”

Ever since World War I fighter pilots first used the phrase to reference the rear of their plane on the face of a clock, the idea of having someone else’s back has been indelibly tied to “your six.”

As a physical-security-as-a-service company founded by veterans, our history is part of our culture. The name YourSix is a nod to having your back when it comes to security, visual intelligence, and the customer experience.