cloud surveillance


Cloud surveillance is the core of our SmartSecure platform. The SmartSecure platform is a modern and highly secure cloud based physical security solution. We leverage cloud to eliminate premise-based hardware appliances and provide clients with a simple to use, redundant, and infinitely scalable security platform. Deployment is incredibly simple utilizing the "one-click" component; a single button press on the camera initiates a secure connection to cloud without need for firewall manipulation or port forwarding.

Cloud Interface
  • Video stored both locally in the camera and in the cloud.
  • Media and signaling protected by end-to-end encryption.
  • Cloud is redundant across 7 North American datacenters.
  • No local proxy or bridge device required.
  • Automated security patching from the cloud to every device.
  • Modern HTML5 based web interface allows secure remote access.
  • Android and iPhone mobile app for secure monitoring on the go.
  • Additional bandwidth savings over H.264 without quality loss.

Surveillance with a Cybersecurity Focus

YourSix takes a cybersecure approach to physical security. As soon as a camera is "one-clicked" into cloud, the default username and password is automatically changed and the device is hardened. The cloud immediately provides the device with a security certificate and begins encrypting all communication between the device and the cloud.