Cloud Surveillance

Secure Professional Monitoring

We offer clients the best in video monitoring as the perfect compliment to cloud. Our video monitoring services send an immediate secure push notification to highly trained employees who use video to verify alarm events and then make an educated decision on how to respond. Video verification provides more specific details and helps lower or eliminate costly false alarms. Many municipalities no longer dispatch law enforcement without alarm events first being verified and video verification provides the perfect answer. Further, cities that do not require verified alarms do give priority to verified calls, leading to higher arrest rates and reduction of crime.

  • Event Monitoring: Alarm panel, motion detection, or access control system triggers video verification.
  • Virtual Guard Tours: Operators monitor video on set intervals or at set times.
  • Virtual Escorts: Operators monitor video while employees come or go.
  • Virtual Gatekeeper: Operators answer videophone and can remotely open gates and doors.

Analytics and Intelligence

Video and audio analytics and intelligence are becoming increasingly popular in providing next-generation security measures. More importantly, analytics are becoming increasingly accurate and effective. YourSix provides intelligent and unique ways to leverage analytics for responding to events. Loitering detection, zone crossing, intrusion detection and more video analytics are supported as intelligent detection for triggering an alarm event to our central stations.